How To Earn

How To Earn

Time To Make, An Unlimited Income Through ADZWatch!

No Compulsion Of Product Selling! No Compulsion Of Referring People!

The Greatest Opportunity For People Who Are Looking For Home Based Online Job!

Get Guaranteed Income! Greatest Support 24X7! Change Your Life Style By Participating In Our Affiliate Program! Get Extra Income By Spending Quality Time With Our Various Campaign Program!

Types Of Our Campaign Program:

1. Click & View

Get Paid by just Click & View (the website links or Increasing Web Traffic or Seeing Advertisement, Watching Videos, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Lead)

2. Sharing AD

Get Paid by Sharing ADs with your Friends, Relatives and with your Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group, Instagram or any other social media

3. Referral Program:

It is not a compulsion, If you are interested you can participate in our referral program, It is an another way to increase your income. For each Direct Referral you will Get Rs,50. (Example: If you refer 5 members per day = you will get Rs.250 per day, If you do the same thing for 20 days = 20 daysX5 people =100 members X Rs.50 = Rs.5,000/-)

4. Income Junction: (Life Time Income, No Tension, No Stress)

It is not a compulsion, if you are interested you can participate in our Income Junction program.

It is One of the fastest ways to increase & Double your income

Once you entered into this program, it is a tension free income.

How to participate in the Income Junction Program:

Refer 5 people within 10 days from the date of activation, will be eligible for the Income Junction Program

How you get regular income through this Income Junction Program:

Example: Many people joined without referral code, usually we give Rs. 50 for direct referrals, people whomever joined without referral code their referral income goes to company, we are dividing that referral income and paid equally to our members on daily basis, amount will be varied depends on members count.

Scenario 1:

There are 25 people joined today without referral code

25 members X Rs. 50 = Rs. 1250/- added into company wallet

On the same day there are 5 members got eligible for income junction criteria

Now we are going to pay Rs.1250/5 members = Rs.250 (It will be paid on the same day)

Scenario 2:

There are 30 people joined on the 2nd day without referral code,

30 members X Rs. 50 = Rs. 1500/- added into company wallet

Already we had 5 members were eligible for Income Junction and 2nd day another 2 members got eligible for Income Junction, So total eligible members = 7

Now we are going to pay Rs.1500/7 members = Rs.214.28/-