Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate my account?

We have region wise Franchises, Account No will be varied region wise. Go to – Team List – My ID Activation – There is a scrolling, on that you can find your region Google pay number -Deposit the required amount – and submit a request along with 12 digit UPI reference no, after that your id will be activated within 2 hours

2. After activation of my account, When will I get my 1st task?

On the same day, after activation happened in next 1 hour you can start your earnings.

3. Whom I contact for task assignment?

It is an automatic process, where the system will assign you a task

4. How to withdrawn from wallet to bank account & Minimum Withdrawn Limit?

Minimum Withdrawn is Rs. 300/- Once you reached Rs. 300, it will be credited to your bank account automatically

5. Shall I give payment request from the user end, once I reached Rs. 300/-

No, Automatically your payment will be credited

6. What is the Pay-out cycle and when will I get the payment?

Weekly 3 days payout (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) bank working days will be considered

7. When will I get the task payment and should I wait for it?

Based on the tasks, stipulated time will be varied, it is clearly mentioned on each and every task. After scrutiny done the said amount will be credited to the wallet.

8. How to find out either my tasks has been accepted or rejected?

The same has been updated in the task report status

9. Very important note:

You should be very careful while updating your banking details, once updated means you cannot modify or re-edit there on.