Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate my account?

Please follow the steps for id activation Go to www.adzwatch.com-login-team list-my id activation-fill the activation request form (must enter 12 digit UPI payment reference no)-submit. Within 2 hours your id will get activated

I don’t have google pay, what I can do?

Anybody can make a payment behalf of you, in case you don’t have google pay. we want 12 digit UPI no to activate your account Note: Frequently google pay number will get changed, before paying the amount kindly confirm the google pay number on your dashboard-scrolling.

3. After activation of my account, When will I get Adz?

You will get a confirmation message about your activation, you can check your task tray after 1 hour from the time of confirmation message arrived. Example: if you get message at 10am means(Message content-Congratulations your ADZWatch id has been successfully activated), your adz will be showed at 11am on wards (note: if you register with DND services you won’t get SMS)

4. Whom I contact for task assignment?

It is an automatic process, where system allocate tasks automatically

5. How to withdraw money from wallet to my bank account? Is there any minimum threshold limit?

Minimum threshold limit is Rs.300 on each segment Click and view-Rs.300/- Sharing AD & OT Task combined balance-Rs.300/- Referral income & Income junction-Rs.300/-
Scenario 1: Earned Rs.200 in sharing ad and Rs.100 in OT Task-so combined balance is Rs.300/- you will get pay-out
Scenario 2: Earned Rs.300 in sharing ad and Rs.0 in OT Task-again combined balance is Rs.300-you will get pay-out
Once you reached the above said amount, it will be credited to your bank account automatically (pay-out cycle on Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Important note: once updated the bank details in the portal, you cannot modify or re-edit, so update your bank details without any mistake (bank exceptions: We may not proceed bank transfers to the following banks ICICI Bank, Other rural bank such as gramin bank, society bank etc)

6. Bank transfer showing pending, what does it mean?

If you see payment PENDING OR APPROVED on your portal means, we processed money transfer from our end, it may credit on the same day to your bank account at any time
Important note: You will not receive SMS if transaction is less than Rs.1000/- hence you have to check your bank account statement

7. Please understand the system:

All the tasks assigned by system,
it is not a manual process.
1st week-sharing ad
2nd week-click and view
3rd week-OT task
4th week-Video watch
it all assigned by system.
Don’t check tasks again and again.
per day usually 6 to 8 adz only will come.
and it will be automatically assigned for every 24 hours..

8. Very important note:

1.If you get low adz means or adz not coming, the main reason would be, system finds that you didn’t follow the instructions and never been forwarded to the group members which instructed on the description.
2. Whenever you do tasks you must follow the instructions properly, In case you don’t follow, system automatically push you to non-genuine worker list by the time you won't get ADz or ADz will be displayed as very low number. Genuine players will get more tasks
For any other queries:
Please write a mail to adzwatch.info@gmail.com
Maximum TAT: 48Hours